SSV Token

Your gateway to decentralized, fault-tolerant ETH staking allows access to a decentralized ETH staking infrastructure with SSV token as the protocol’s native token.


Submitting votes and voting on DAO decisions


Operators receive SSV tokens for managing and operating validators on behalf of Stakers


DAO funding for developers and contributors helping grow the network

DV Technology

Is an integral building block in Ethereum’s transition to POS.
Operators receive SSV tokens for their service and in return help generate ETH returns for validators.


Upgrade CDT to SSV token at a 1:100 conversation ratio

Upgrade to SSV

Join the SSV DAO

and vote on the future on the network.

Incentivized Testnet

Take part in testing the first public implementation for DVT.


SSV token upgrade full audit complete by CoinFabrik July 2021.


How can the average person use SSV?

SSV is used for network fees, DAO voting and, in the future, for staking rewards as well.

What are the fundamentals behind SSV?

Demand for SSV should grow alongside protocol adoption as more users will need SSV to pay operator fees in the network. In addition, staking SSV to ensure stakers' adoption coincides with increased scarcity over time.

What are the relations between CDT and SSV?

CDT is the Bloxstaking token. The initial distribution of SSV will be made to CDT holders using a one way token swap.

What can I currently do with an SSV token?

At the moment, SSV tokens are only used for participation in DAO (Snapshot) voting. However, SSV tokens will be used to pay the fees charged to use Stakers (validators) will be charged in SSV tokens and Operators will be paid in the same token.