Primus Testnet

The official incentivized testnet!

DVT is an integral building block in Ethereum’s transition to POS.

Help test the 1st ever public implementation of DVT technology at scale and earn rewards for it.

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is structured as a public good allowing stakers, service providers and builders an easy access to a Decentralized ETH staking infrastructure.


Ensuring security, fault tolerance and client diversity for stakers, and the Ethereum ecosystem at large


ETH at stake is expected to reach the tens of millions after the merge. needs to be battle ready for this kind of scale


The SSV token incentives mimic some of the core features in the network’s native token economic model


Economic incentives will establish accountability between the network’s various stakeholders


DAO based distribution of SSV tokens will allow more contribution to network governance and growth

Reward Simulator

Number of Validators
Total SSV Holdings
Verified (Yes, No)
Number of managed Validators
Avg. Performance (%)

Testnet Settings

SSV Holdings
Verified Operators
Avg. Operator Performance (%)
Expected Reward
Validator Reward SSV Holdings Reward
Total Reward
Operator Reward Verified Operator Reward Total Reward

*Results shall vary based on the number of participants. The calculator is not a guarantee or a representation that any reward shall be granted, but merely an estimation.


Over the course of 2.5 months, the SSV DAO is allocating 64K SSV tokens towards early testers, and newcomers alike.


Allocation Status SSV Tokens
All validators 15% 9,600
Validators (+SSV Holders) 50% 32,000
All Operators 17.50% 11,200
Verified Operators 17.50% 11,200
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There are a total of 5 consecutive Rounds, 2 weeks per round.

Round Epoch
Round 1 Epochs 69,084 - 72,234
Round 2 Epochs 72,235 - 75,385
Round 3 Epochs 75,386 - 78,536
Round 4 Epochs 78,537 - 81,687
Round 5 Epochs 81,687 - 84,838

Rewards calculations data can be viewed here

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Rewards are calculated and announced at the end of each Round.
Participants will be able to claim all their rewards at the end of the Round 5 [Epoch 84,838]

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Eligibility & Conditions

All participants can monitor the eligibility of their Validator in the network explorer


  • Anyone can register as an operator
  • Operators are rewarded according to the number of validators run
  • Rewards are calculated only for eligible validators as described above
  • Operator score calculation method
  • To become a verified operator please refer to this

Verified + DAppNode

  • All of the above applies
  • Were given a ‘verified operator’ status
  • Existing operators with the verified/ dAppnodes tag in the testnet explorer


  • Anyone can register as a validator
  • Validators are rewarded according to the number of eligible validators they run
  • Rewards are calculated only for eligible validators as described above
  • Operator score is calculated according to scoring
  • To become a verified operator please refer to this

SSV Holders

  • All of the above applies
  • The address from which the goETH deposit is made should hold SSV tokens for an entire round or longer
  • A random snapshot to determine your SSV balance is used to discourage manipulation

Abuse & Exclusion

  • Bloxstaking will be excluded from any participation and reward distribution
  • Users claiming big amounts of goerli to register hundreds of validators from recurring addresses might be excluded from receiving rewards
  • Whales, attempting to ‘abuse’ the reward pool will be at risk of exclusion
  • The community’s ambassadors and DAO can decide to withhold or cancel distributions on a case by case basis
  • For newcomers joining, only goETH deposits made through the Discord bot will be eligible to receive rewards.


How can I check the status of my validator?

The Explorer is open to all participants. Just like other ETH explorers, you can search for your validator and monitor its performance.

How can I claim my rewards?

Following the last round (#5) rewards distribution, the ‘Claim Rewards’ page will be made available on the website. Users will be able to claim their rewards directly through the custom interface.

Why should I stake SSV?

Increased rewards for SSV stakers were introduced as a way to prevent abuse. Staking is a way to prevent GoEth whales from obtaining a large portion of the rewards at zero cost. Staking SSV tokens will allow participants to access a dedicated prize pool reserved to holders alone.

How can I become a verified operator?

The DAO has passed a vote to enable Operators to formally apply for a ‘Verified’ status. We suggest following the information available on the Forum and the discussion on Discord before applying.

When can I expect the reward distributions?

Participants will be able to claim the rewards they accumulated throughout the first five rounds of the program at the end of the fifth and last distribution round.

How can I know how the Operators I selected are performing well?

To make sure that Operators are performing well, validators and participants need to keep them in check. Before you select your Operators, make sure to validate their performance. We advice asking the community for their opinion before committing your goETH.

What should I do if one or more of my operators are down?

In case your operator is offline, you should alert the operator and the community so they will take action to activate their node. The community and operators are available to assist in the’s Discord server.

How much SSV can I expect to make?

The rewards distributed to both Validators and Operators depends on the number of tesnet participants, SSV token holders and verified operators. We’ve added a rewards calculator to simulate, as accurately as possible, the expected SSV rewards that will be distributed.

When will the testnet end?

The ‘Primus’ testnet will end on epoche number ​​84,838 (Mid April 2022).

How can I get GoEth?

Only through dedicated Discord bot. Validators which deposited through the testnet by any other means past the related announcement will be disqualified from the reward calculation.

How long will the campaign last?

The ‘Primus’ testnet will last for 2.5 months. From the 24th of January 2022 until April 4th.
There will be a total of 5 distribution rounds, 2 weeks apart.