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The Future of ETH Staking

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Decentralized staking Infrastructure for ETH 2.0

We’re on a mission to make ETH staking decentralized, scalable, diverse and accessible for developers, home users and services upon which they will build the future of Proof-of-stake solutions.

SSV Network Calls!


Staying true to the Ethereum ethos of decentralization.


All ETH stakers, institutions, providers or otherwise are able to use the technology and contribute.


Scalability, security and sustainability. Next phase is the upcoming merge.


‘Layer 0’ for future staking developments and innovation on Ethereum.

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Community is a community driven protocol, the development and progress depends on what YOU decide. If you’re interested, you can also apply to become an ambassador, or join the dMarketing effort.

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DAO Grants

The network’s ability to grow largely depends on developers and teams building solutions for, alongside, or on top of the infrastructure. The SSV DAO will grant.

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Core Development Team’s core development is currently led by the bloxstaking team, if you’d like to apply for a position, you can do so directly with the team.

Join Our Team is approaching mainnet. As we near the genesis, we welcome new partners and members who think big and think long-term. We welcome all qualified applicants who want to push the boundaries of what’s possible and become part of the next stage in ETH staking.